A downloadable Caelum for Windows


- The Game is Still in Early Stages of Development - 


Caelum is a survival-adventure  were you play as Gaby, Murdock's grandson, who was taken away by a monstrous giant bird. You will have to survive and gather resources in order to find him. Explore this world of sky floating islands full of mysterious creatures and flora.


«After the abduction of Murdock by a monstrous giant bird, Gaby is forced to go on a rescue mission to save their grandfather. To do so, they will have to collect resources to rebuild his house, and be able to face various dangers and problems alone, in order to survive on the different islands where he passes in their search, discover the whereabouts of his relative and save his loved one.»




Move - W,A,S,D

Sprint - Left Shift

Duck - Left CTRL

Jump - Spacebar


Primary Attack - Mouse1

Secondary Attack - Mouse2

Use - E

Inventory - TAB

Chat - Y



If you want to take a look at some of our progress, check out our devlogs



Meanwhile you can try this short demo 

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Game Created By :

André Monteiro - Lead Programmer / I.T. manager

Francisco Pinto  - Game Director / Lead Designer

Gabriel Ferreira - Animator / VFX and SFX artist / Comms. and Marketing 

Marlon Faria - Concept and 3D Artist / Character designer/ Animator

Lucas Mattos - 3D, VFX, Tech Artist / Animator

Mariana Rafael - Audio leader / Comms. and Marketing / 3D Artist

Mariana Sousa - Comms. and Marketing leader / UI and UX designer / Video Editor

Rafael Ferreira - Producer / Concept artist

Regina Silva - Character designer  

Rui Correia - Lead Artist / Character Design


Caelum_Demo.zip 290 MB

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